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“Bharat Drone” An ingenious inception by DRDO

The invention of drone has significantly changed the shape of the Military weapon technology. Nowadays, compact, lightweight, and powerful drones are in the arsenal of many developed countries. Nowadays, small, thin, and sturdy drones are in the arsenal of the many developed countries. One is “Bharat Drone.”

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Chandigarh has provided the Indian Army with state-of-the-art production of “Bharat Drone,” in ongoing India and China border conflict. The objective is to carry out accurate surveillance in areas of high altitude and mountain terrain along with the eastern Ladakh and China border.

survival drone

Drone Survival Advantages

First off, the capacity to possess a bird looked at perspective on your environmental factors is a rare little bit of leeway. You’ll be able to send the essential drone up to around 50 feet easily and accumulate data. More grounded and larger drones can fly higher.

The strategic bit of leeway of getting an eye in the sky would permit clients to identify inconvenience sometime before it gets to you. You likewise can direct recon in specific conditions, mostly urban, without presenting yourself to expected dangers. The recon and exploring capacity of a drone is incredibly staggering.

bharat drone

Features of Survival Drones

  • No Blind Spots
  • Cover-More Ground
  • Handle Hostile Situations Safely
  • Quiet and Stealthy
  • Track and Follow Intruders
  • Take-Off and Land Anywhere
  • Operate Day and Night
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Autonomous Flight
  • Situational Awareness
  • Access and Monitor Harsh and Hard to Reach Areas
  • Minimize Risk

Why “Bharat Drone” distinct from others?

Bharat drone is an autonomous (self-governing) Hexacopter with some propelled functionalities. Lots of distinct features available that make a difference with other lethal drones. Let’s discuss these in short within the following subsections.

AI Driven Technology:

Ai driven technology

This drone is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hence, it can distinguish between enemy objects and other obstacles. Moreover, it can adapt to a new situation if the situation arises. It can also decide if some new challenges arrive in front of it. Hence, it can provide a high degree of accuracy.

Night-Vision Technology:

night vision

This drone is enabled with night-vision technology. Thus, it can operate in the day as well as at night. High-tech Infrared cameras and Infra-red sensors will allow it. Thermal Imaging is one of the features of this drone. It can capture videos and images continuously. Since it’s GPS and satellite are enabled, it will also transmit these images or data to the Indian Army in a continuous manner.

Stealth Technology:

stealth technology

This is one of the most important features that separate it from the rest of them. It can escape the enemy’s RADAR since Stealth Technology governs it. RADAR sends RF/Microwave to all directions (or in a specific direction in some cases). Now, if an object comes in the vicinity of the RADAR, then a part of the RF/Microwave will be reflected. By this reflected signal, an object is detected by the RADAR. The object must absorb RF/Microwave signals, or RF/Microwave must be transmitted to another direction To remain undetected by RADAR. Stealth Technology can achieve this.

Now, there are various techniques to achieve this. One way is to design an absorber surface in the drone. Dallenbach layer, Salisbury Screen, Tapered loading absorber, Pyramidal absorber are the famous names in this list. Another way is to use a particular paint in the design. One of the most effective techniques is to use Iron Ball Paint Absorber. It comprises tiny spheres filled with carbonyl ferrous or ferrite. Radar waves cause molecular oscillations in this paint from the alternating electromagnetic field, which contributes to the conversion of electromagnetic energy to heat energy. Then the temperature is passed into the aircraft body and dissipates this heat. The ferrous particles in the paint are obtained by pentacarbonyl ferrous decomposition, which may contain traces of c (carbon), o2 (oxygen), and N2 (nitrogen).

Bio-mimetic Design:

Scientists are researching biomimicry architecture in the past few years- looking at the animal world for inspiration on drone design. Another important aspect of it is Bio-mimetic design. This feature makes it a lethal weapon in the arsenal of the Indian Army. It can capture information in disguise and can also send an alarming message if it’s required.

Acrobatic Performance in bad Weather:


The drone designed by the Chandigarh-based laboratory of DRDO is very robust. Most importantly, it can operate in snowy weather or even under heavy rainfall.

These key features make “Bharat Drone” one of the world’s most agile and lightest surveillance drones solely developed by India.

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