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So, what is the meaning of news? There’s a problem in journalism. We name some of the subjects we’ve covered-vegetables or spinach-as though they’re disgusting, and people can read them, but they’re not going to want to. It’s a terrible attitude if we can’t take important and meaningful things in people’s lives and make them attractive, that failure is 100% on us as writers.

That is entirely our fault. There’s so much information out there. It’s the most thrilling moment to be a newspaper reader and lover. If you want information, you can get at any time at any place. But at the same time, as a student, there are all these difficulties.

I recall the headlines continuing to press. I remember the sensation of fear over opening up a new article and thinking that I would feel foolish. I actually felt like I was outside the club. It is a severe challenge, and it’s not a challenge that we can solve in print.

The essence of the medium, the heart of the space limitation, was that we couldn’t place all the details you wanted, but we don’t have that restriction on the internet. We can solve this problem. At least, in theory, online posts live indefinitely as web archives; it’s something that certain people are taking advantage of now. But we don’t think that people are writing articles with that in mind.

In rather grandiose words, the achievement is that we want to build the most critical tool open to people to grasp the press’s topics. I can’t wait to see if what we think people need is what they need. If it’s not, we’ll change it. We want to have the ability to move fast.