What is science? Science is about building a tower of knowledge. At the bottom of the building is the knowledge that many different researchers have tried and tested many times.

For a long time, from various viewpoints. This is important to ensure that the tower foundation remains secure. New knowledge must always be built on previous knowledge. Researchers must still develop their research on research that has been done previously.

The higher you go up the wall, and the younger the experience, the more unknown it is. Science is about being transparent and honest about what you’re doing so that more research can be conducted, and people can verify whether the information is valid.

It is all about sharing your tower with others, even though the findings aren’t what you planned. Science is about always being prepared to change your opinion, because new knowledge may come along, which overturns much of what we previously thought was right.

It is about starting again and building a new tower on this new knowledge. Science can be about almost anything. Every researcher is a specialist in their field. It can be about everything, from space and medicine to art and history.

Researchers add their different parts, building a tower that is both high and stable. Science is the best way we can find out about ourselves and our world. A building built on solid science gives us new knowledge. The knowledge that we can use to solve both small and big problems for ourselves in our everyday lives and the world.